Finance Types

Vehicle Finance

Contract Hire

Traditional form of leasing for businesses who are VAT registered and require off balance sheet funding due to operating lease status which improves company gearing, cash flow and budgeting.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

The same as Contract Hire but for private individuals who want a hassle-free and cost effective way to finance and maintain a vehicle. Typically suited to those drivers opting out of the company car scheme. The road fund licence (RFL) is included for the entire contract period.

Contract Purchase

Suited for companies who are wholly or partial VAT exempt or who operate high value vehicles and wish to own them. For accounting purposes they are shown on balance sheet with write down allowances. No VAT is payable on the rentals.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

An increasingly popular way to fund a vehicle which reduces the monthly rental by deferring a large proportion of the vehicles cost to the end of the agreement. The benefits of which, enable you to afford a higher priced or better specification car.

Finance Lease

This is a leasing contract which allows the lessee to pay a rental for a period of time together with an opportunity to extend or return the asset.

Hire and Lease Purchase

An agreement where goods are hired in return for payments that are structured to match your cash flow requirements, and where ownership will pass to you at the end of the term.